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Zoey enjoying her banana bed.

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We will come to your home daily or twice daily if needed to feed, give fresh water, clean litter boxes, and give attention to your cats.  This allows your cats to stay in their own comfortable environment instead of the stress of leaving their home .   We can administer medications if needed. A meeting with you and your cats are a requirement.  

We  also offer with limited space in home boarding for cats who are adaptable to being around other cats.  We do not cage cats but start out in a personal room to  slowly introduce to other cats.  We  have a huge catio built to keep all cats safe from the outside predators.  Their  is also a huge playroom with tons of activities to do. This Sanctuary has many full time healthy cats that all get along great with each other.  Our cats get regular vet visits and are all up to date on their vaccinations.  They are family! All cats that enter the sanctuary are treated as family.   All cats who come to our sanctuary must have a vet health certification with a negative FIV testing and be up to date on their vaccinations.

Stormy in a pile of table paper playing.

Our Sanctuary

Ipad time with mouse chasing.

We care for every cat. We treat them as our family not as a pet. Our Sanctuary is a kitty kingdom and all the cats here are very happy and love each other.  We  can say they are spoiled and living the royalty life. 



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It can be stressful to board your pet. If you have any questions or concerns about how we make your pet's home away from home or in home, please reach out. We will get back to you soon!


3306 S EAST CAMANO DRIVE Camano Island, WA 98282

(360) 965-8781 and (360) 965-8783


Monday - Sunday  4:00am  -  8:00pm